After the first notes of Creation rang out the Gods found themselves locked into a civil war that promised to have unacceptable casualties on both sides. Gods of life and creation battled the Gods of death and destruction until the universe itself began to shake. The multiverse found itself torn apart. No longer were the outer planes accessible from the inner. What was once the easy task of opening a door from one plane to the other became a task only the most accomplished of the Mages could accomplish. Each God took a corner of the multiverse for themselves, and in turn each area took on the personality and aspects of the God who inhabited them. But this divide made it difficult for the war to continue as it had. Only certain Gods were capable of of getting around to other territories and the war took on a Guerrilla style, with each side creating other creatures to stalk through the territories. Thus were the first Angels and Devils created. Both were created to be capable of travel between the planes, and thus had powerful magical abilities woven into their very existence. These magics got out of hand once again and more of the multiverse came asunder. Now even the angels found themselves trapped in whatever plane they were on. Some set up camps deep inside enemy territory, trying to draw other of their kind into large enough groups to escape. But as time went by, no method of egress was ever found and those Angels who were left behind began to find themselves changed by the evil areas they now occupied. Then the first Demons came into being. Along with them were many other twisted creatures that roam though the lower planes. But those Devils who found themselves in the upper planes also began to change. Eladrin, Archons, and beings of divine light evolved from the horrors of the underworld.

It was about this time that the unaligned Gods determined that something needed to be done. Only a few of them had been able to retain their neutrality, and their power was nothing compared to either side. But in terms of sheer intelligence, they were unmatched. Boccob began work on his plan to unseal the planes through a single entry point. Thus the city of doors came to be. Travel once again became possible between the planes, though no God would dare set foot in Sigil, whether out of fear of the Lady of Pain or some cosmic law unknown to all but Boccob. But their influence and words could travel through the doors, reaching their followers all over the planes. However, when the first sentries were sent out they stumbled upon something the gods had not counted on. Worlds had been created in their absence, and life had taken root. Those first notes of Creation were still ringing throughout the cosmos creating life wherever they went. And it was through this that the Gods decided to continue their struggle. Many different races had popped up throughout the Material planes, and several Gods took races unto themselves to keep an eye on. Wars began to break out in the name of religion that killed thousands of people in its early days. But the struggle did not end with those first wars. Populations increased dramatically, as did the death tolls. Soon the loss of ten thousand was seen as acceptable as the population of the world, thanks to divine and arcane magicks, had grown into the billions. Then it happened. The event that would change the universe forever.
Under the leadership of Nerull, the Gods of death and slaughter came together to forge a powerful artifact that would put an end to the war. The Bell of Arkosian, named for the man who traveled to the lower planes to drag it up into creation. It was said that the bell would strike a chord completely counter to the voice of Creation, undoing all life, leaving only death untouched.

For the first time, several evil gods found themselves allied against this new threat. It wasn’t within the Gods power to stop the plan themselves, so they sent the armies under their control to seize it. But wave after wave of creatures found only death and resurrection as undead monsters at the hands of the bell ringer. Seeing their end coming, the gods took to extreme measures. They granted the gift of the gods to a select few people, so that they would put an end to Nerull’s scheme. Thus were the Blooded began. Fifty people of various race, gender, religion, and alignment were to become the greatest heroes the world had ever known. After a long and arduous war that cost the world over five million souls the day was finally won. The bell was destroyed, and a shaky alliance between the gods came to be. Ending a war that lasted millions of years. The Blooded went out into the world and began to help shape the course of history. It was this first generation of heroes that put together the rules of their order. Their children were then raised to uphold the same ideals. It is said that even those who chose a life of crime or chaos kept to these laws as though it was part of their very being. History would show that it is possible for the blooded to break their sacred laws, as there have been several attempts to take over a country and declare themselves as God Kings. Swift justice has always been brought to these individuals though, and for three thousand years the Blooded have kept each other off of the throne.

It is this world you find yourself in today. As a member of the Blooded, you are noble by birth. Granted great power over that of the rest of the world, and expected to uphold the laws and traditions of your ancestors. But as you open your eyes you find yourself in front of a booing crowd. Your hands and feet bound in chains as the execution steps forth. What did you do to get here? What has happened? Where are you? It appears the crowd has no interest in answering you as rotten fruit flies through the air. The axe is raised. What do you do?

Memories of a Lost Time

JohOso Thokk Saira davarian