Memories of a Lost Time

Oris the city is a magic item!

Peter, the orc paladin/cleric, managed to meet up with the party at the Pocked Porker, an inn of low repute. He was filled in on all that had happened. We than left to see what info we could find at the 5 mile border of the spell.

After purchasing several scrolls, Seireadan, the elven wizard, discovered anyone who had spent time in the spell’s area were being drained of life energy after leaving. When something died inside, a flash of light occurred as all remaining energy was consumed. Upon further examination, the energy headed underground and back towards the inn, which was the spells focal point.

Peter thought to try the spell Speak with Dead. However, upon realizing it would only let him speak with the body and not the soul, he decided not to cast it.

Party decided to return to the inn and see where the energy was going. As Peter ran off to find an opening to the sewers, Seireadan searched the room once again. He found a lead plate under the rug which covered something having illusion and transmutation auras. Party was brought up to see this. Trillie, a gnome bard, discovered the illusion was on the top and not a part of whatever it was. Trillie and Seireadan believed it to be a Teleportation Circle, but as they did not know where it went, did not activate it.

The party proceeded to enter the sewers. Upon entering them, they found themselves in a Maze spell. After quickly exiting the area’s effect, Seireadan announced that he needed to prepare his spells as the going looked to be harder then was expected. Party agreed.

The next morning everyone proceeded into the sewers once again. Ethren Liadon, an elven rogue and Seireadan’s cohort, attempted to find and disable the Maze trap. He failed. Peter gave up waiting and jumped down. The party followed and after braking free, they followed the energy deeper into the sewers. Several traps were found and the party found out that Ethren really needed to brush up on how do disarm them. After being teleported away one mile a few times, the party proceeded on. Upon setting off a trap which made iron doors but only one inch thick and about a foot apart for ten feet, Trillie and Peter combined spell and sword to, literally, break through.

They found themselves entering a room with a crevice in the floor. As they navigated around it, they were beset by several undead. These spirits took on the visage of loved ones and absorbed strength or wisdom on a hit. Trillie and Lato, her halfling ranger cohort, were drained of some strenght. Seireadan lost almost half his wisdom. Peter laughed and cleaved the spirits quickly.

In the next room, three demons appeared and started attacking the party. Peter charged and slowly killed them. Seireadan and Trillie lost several spells as they attempted and failed to overcome the demons’ spell resistance. Lato gave archery support and Ethren was magically panicked, curling up into a ball. At the last demon fell, a little girl of about six years old, who had been sitting on a throne mumbling to herself crazily, stood up. She had a Blooded symbol on her face and she spoke in a deep voice, obviously being controlled by someone or something.

At the same time, the party noticed a rift on the other side of the room. Inside it was a powerful demon shackled and with many wounds. Focusing on him would cause the viewer to experience either hurting him or being hurt as if you were the demon inside the rift. Peter approached the throne and attempted to reason with the little girl. As soon as he set foot on the steps leading up to the throne, he was blasted by a bolt of electricity. Seireadan casts Resist Energy – electricity (Mass) on the party as Peter tries to grapple the little girl. Trillie starts playing music to assist the party.

The little girl gets several spells off, escaping from Peter’s grasp. She then steps into a circle in the middle of the room. It is ringed by Dead Speach the language of the dead which starts lighting up. As Peter and Trillie attempt to get to the little girl, they discover that she is inside a Forcecage. She then goes limp.

At the same time, Lato had fired an arrow at the chains binding the demon. Having a hand free, the monster drew it’s sword and started cutting the chains. While panicking, it also shouted for help, promising just about anything if we would just get it out of the rift. Apparently there was little time left, as the stolen life energy was entering the rift and hurting the demon. By freeing it, we had upset something.

Seireadan teleported into the Forcecage, grabbed the girl, and then teleported out. Arriving outside, she revived and recognized him. She then began shouting “Kill him! We must kill him!” Seireadan handed her over to Ethren, telling him to get her out of here.

Meanwhile, Peter in an attempt to destroy the circle, jammed his sword into it. He was blasted by a very strong bolt of electricity. Upon hearing the girl, named Elizabeth, screaming “Kill him”, thought it might be him (due to the sword being in the circle) and killed himself. At that, the demon freed itself laughing at the stupidity of the heroes. Seireaden grabbed a scroll from Ethren and ran over to Peter, using it to bring him back to life. Trillie and Lato attack the demon, along with Peter when he regains consciousness. However they are not able to kill him. The demon escapes. Party is left with the city going Boom.

Peter sees a hole where the demon was imprisoned. Looking down it, he notices several souls, one of which he recognizes. Vowing some good would be done here, he starts casting Raise Dead. Seireadan spots a statue of a winged elf, something no one has seen before. Lacking a way to magically free him, the wizard prays to his god for help and then starts painting the room with Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments to try and save at least some part of the city. Trillie in shock just starts singing a song of life.

Suddenly, a hand appears on Peter as he hears Trillie’s song. He feels empowered and starts hearing a heavenly song that makes his magic stronger. Seireadan hears the music and passing the paint brush over, digs down for where his magic lay when he was not in control of himself. Closing his eyes, he sees the magic of the area and the snarls the spell had caused in it. He attempts to fix this before the time runs out. Peter hears a bell tolling as he continues to try to save souls from the final death to come. He sees somehow Seireadan fighting against the bell, partially silencing it as the wizard continues pulling snarls out of the natural magic of the world. As the last snarl is pulled, Seireadan sees a gaunt man sitting on a throne made of bones. As the heroes somehow stop the city from exploding in death, the man’s eyes open. Focusing on the wizard, he reaches out between the planes and grabs a small part of the wizard’s being. And then everything goes silent.

As the magics fade, the party hears one last sound. The stone statue is breaking as the winged elf breaks free. Shaking the last few pieces of rock off his wings, he stands before the group.

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